The Service Agreement (hereinafter according to the text Agreement) is signed between the Parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Parties" and separately - as a "Party"): the Client and International Reserve System, (Hereinafter - the Company) - and defines the basic terms and principles which constitute the basis of relations between the Parties.


Acceptance (throughout the whole text of Agreement) - actions such as Customer’s acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement with the subsequent registration of the Customer as Company’s Customer on the Website in the on-line mode, provided funds are transferred to the bonus account in a way established by the company.

Personal Office (P.O.) - Customer's personal page on the Website that the Client can access after the Acceptance for the purpose of identification; accounting regulations, financial statistics, monitoring and management of client accounts, access to training packages of the Company’s lacing orders established by the Company, notifications as well as advertising and background information.

Public offer – this service Agreement on the provision of services and all the inalienable annexes, including specifications and trading conditions posted on the website, containing all the essential customer service conditions in the company, positioned as a formal proposal by the company to potential Clients, with the ability to accept this Agreement and the set of addendums on the conditions contained therein. From the moment of Acceptance, the specified documents are considered as signed between the parties.

Coefficient of LB is percent part of the really charged Linear Bonus (LB), for a partner in this package. It is taken from the Linear Bonus calculated according to the table. (The table of calculation of Linear Bonus is on web-site of project and can be changed without notification of Client and/or Partners).

Percent of BCM is a percent from matrix status commodity turnover on Bonus of Command Matrix, that is charged to the partner after closing the matrix of 39 partners (3-9-27).

Status of turnover 1 - general commodity turnover of all partners of any status in the 1st line.

Level Х (Х implies a number indicating the serial number of line) the amount of personally invited active partners in any status on the line marked by a serial number, starting with the 1st line.

Side volume is general commodity turnover (TO) of all structure after minus TO of the largest branch. It`s also called leader TO.

Training package - a set of materials that includes a training program, records of seminars, webinars, audio and video recordings, lectures and other training information, depending on the type of package. Client buying any training package becomes a bonus program participant.

Bonus account - the virtual account containing funds in the form of RM bonus units.

RM - bonus funds is charged to the Client when purchasing the training package. These are not e-money and can not be taken by anyone in exchange for goods.

Products - any service sets, and other products purchased from the Company.

Rights claims (hereinafter abbreviated - "RC") - the right of claim to a third party or the Company (hereinafter - the "Debtor") in valid receivables denominated in RM or any other currency.

Additional Agreement (hereinafter - the "AA") - supplementary agreement and the act of cession of RC – documents created for the Parties prior to any transaction of the RC. AA is an integral part of this Treaty.


2.1 After Accepting the conditions of this agreement the Client automatically becomes a participant of the bonus program and can get partner fees to draw in new customers, and bonuses and remuneration for his/her activity.

2.2 Partner remuneration are charged according to 14 level system as follows:

  • (а) Partners get a reward in size of 8% from each payment of their clients at the first level;
  • (b) Partners get a reward in size of 7% from each payment of their clients at the second and third level;
  • (c) Partners get a reward in size of 6% from each payment of their clients at the fourth and fifth level;
  • (d) Partners get a reward in size of 5% from each payment of their clients at the sixth, seventh and eighth level;
  • (e) Partners get a reward in size of 3% from each payment of their clients at the ninth and higher level (up to 14th level).

2.3 The terms of partner bonuses payout are limited in time depending on the chosen investment package can be prolonged by buying a new investment package, after the end of the previous period :

  • (а) For the package "Bronze Package" - 45 days;
  • (а) For the package "Silver Package" - 3 months;
  • (а) For the package "Gold Package" - 6 months;
  • (а) For the package "Platina Package" - 9 months;
  • (а) For the package "Diamond Package" 1 year.


3.1. The Client who accepts this Agreement, expresses his/her full consent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as well as an unconditional acceptance of the service terms in the Order established by the Company, and the Company, in its turn, after this Agreement Acceptance by the Client and the successful identification of the latter,

3.2. From the moment of the Agreement Acceptance :

3.2.1. The Customer gets access to his/her Personal Office;

3.2.2. Communication and cooperation between the Parties is carried out by the means of:

  • - website, including Personal Office service, and the official forum of the Company;
  • - the official e-mail with addresses listed on the website;
  • - feedback forms on the website;
  • - official phone communication according to the contacts on the Website.


4.1. Customer's Rights:

4.1.1. The Customer has the right for funds payment under the terms of the Agreement and the Order established by the Company.

4.1.2. Contact the Company in the prescribed manner and by means provided for on the website and in this Agreement.

4.1.3. Participate in actions, exhibitions and other events organized by the Company for the Client.

4.1.4. Visit regional front offices of the Company in order to meet official representatives of the Company, to obtain necessary information regarding Compnay’s existing actions.

4.1.5. Get confirmation from the Company on the conclusion of this Agreement, if the Client provides the evidence of his/her inability to use his/her rights under the Agreement.

4.2. The Customer ensures to:

4.2.1. Before the Acceptance, read the terms of this Agreement and the information posted on the website, including the terms of all the inalienable annexes to this Agreement, including the Risk Disclosure as well as other documents and specifications regulating the relationship of the Customer and the Company. On the Acceptance of this Agreement, the Client undertakes to fully comply with the terms of this Agreement and the Order established by the Company, to get acquainted with their amendments, published on the Website. After the Acceptance, the client gets access to only one Personal Office, unless the parties come to another agreement.

4.2.2. Provide the Company with full and accurate information about him/herself during registration, identification and at any request from the Company, and notify the Company about the changes in personal data and contact information no later than three (3) calendar days after the change.

4.2.3. Bear personal responsibility for the quality of Client’s Internet and telephone communication.

4.2.4. Take all possible measures to prevent unauthorized access to its personal device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) used to access the website and the Personal Office, as well as not to let the third party access the accounts and information about them.

4.2.7. Not to disclose to any third parties and not to spread (post), including via Internet sites and mass media, any false information about the Company, as well as the information that discredits the business reputation of the Company, the honor and the dignity of people related to the Company. In case of violation of this provision, the Company has the right to initiate the termination of this Agreement in accordance with the established procedure, and also to exact a sum from the Client, covering the damage caused to the business reputation.

4.2.8. Promptly inform the Company about the received information which is contradictory, controversial or different from that available on the company’s website, regarding investment instruments, existing actions of the Company and other information that may affect the financial position of the Client.

4.3. The company has the right to:

4.3.1. Request from the Client any certified copies of the documents in the order established by the Company such as documents confirming Client’s identity(status); his address of residence (location), as well as other documents, including those needed for the identification procedure and/or the avoidance of doubt regarding the authenticity of the data specified by the Client while registering on the website and/or in order to verify the authenticity of the funds recipient identity.

4.3.2. Form the database of clients, their personal data and their transactions. The Client agrees that the Company may collect, organize, save, store, eliminate, update, modify and process in any non-prohibited method, as well as distribute Customer's personal data for the purposes related to the performance of and compliance with contract terms and the Client`s interests.

4.3.3. Keep records of telephone conversations with the Client and save electronic communication with the Client as an evidence for possible conflict situations.

4.3.4. Engage third party partners, to provide service, Agreement, and appoint operating companies from the group as responsible for the provision of certain services.

4.3.5. Block access to Personal Office and Account, fully or partially, if the Accounts have been taken into management by some third parties and/or if the Client has violated the terms of this Agreement.

4.3.6. Set the minimum and maximum amount of funds to be Credited to the Bonus account.

4.3.7. Unilaterally change/precise/ supplement the provisions of the Agreement.

4.3.8. Get financial benefits from the results of interaction with the Client, set commission and rates, as well as charge an appropriate fee notifying the client.

4.3.9. The company has other rights under this Agreement and current legislation.

4.4. The Company undertakes to:

4.4.1. Immediately, through publications and placing of information and documents on the Website, report any changes/specifications/ supplements under this.

4.4.2. Not to disseminate information related to the Client, to anyone except his employees, attorneys and partners in the volumes necessary for the implementation of the Client`s rights, unless otherwise provided by the Agreement.

4.4.3. Immediately block the access to Personal office and/or Accounts if the Client notifies the Company about an unauthorized access by third parties until appropriate measures are taken to change the data required to access to personal office and customer accounts.

4.4.4. Decline to provide the service to the Client if the latter does not fully Accept the Agreement and/or fails to implement financial remittance to the account in a certain period of time defined by the Company.


5.1. To transfer the funds to the Bonus Account, the Client has to put a deposit in a way specified on the website, in the amount established by the Company and/or its partners involved in order to fulfil the conditions provided in the Agreement and/or on the website.

5.1.1. Bonus transactions are carried out via Client’s Bonus Account by means of funds transfer, exchange, and payment or in any other way.

5.1.2. The Company is entitled to request some fee for the performance of individual orders, the amount of which and order of payment are specified on the website.

5.1.3. Currency credited to bonus account and the conversion procedure is determined by the Company.

5.1.4. Terms of funds credited to the bonus account are between 1 (one) to 3 (three) banking days from the date of payment by the Client, depending on the method of payment.

5.2. Payment of facilities for the benefit of the client is possible only by means of obtaining got from LB and BCM, and also 1/365 from the sum of package, for every day, from the moment of funds crediting on the bonus account.

5.2.1. Payments are considered to be carried out since the moment of enrollment into the Customer's account in a bank, other financial institution or account/ wallet, etc. in a billing by a company service/ unit/ module/ application/ website/ e-payment system, crypto currency.

5.3. The transfer of funds to bonus accounts and the payment of funds through bank accounts are possible only in case of Customer Identification. Client’s Identification can also be required in the cases established by the rules of payment systems and services that are used by the Client for the transfer of funds to accounts and the payment of funds.

5.4. Fees payment and commissions of banking and financial institutions; payment services/ units/ modules/ applications/ websites and / or electronic payment systems, is assigned to the chant therefore the transfer of funds to accounts and the payment of funds is made expect of the appropriate amounts as well as the amount of Company's fee (if such remuneration is provided) or the corresponding amount deducted from the account by default.

5.5. In exceptional cases when, for whatever reason, the payment of funds cannot be carried out in the same manner, the funds will be credited to the Personal Account, the Client individually agrees with the Company on the procedures and methods of payment.

5.6. Funds paid as an investment in exchange for local currency (RM) are not paid for the goods and / or services. Exchanging local currency RM into other currencies is possible only in the order provided by this Agreement, as well as other rules and internal documents of the Company.

Reverse transfer (refunds), return on investment ordered by the investor's request is not allowed.

5.7. In cases not described in this Agreement section the Parties sould follow the agreements and the additional information available in the relevant section of the website.

5.8. The company can act as a guarantor (as well as the debtor) for the assignment of rights of claim in the next case:

5.8.1. The company is committed to the conditions set forth herein, for a fee to transfer the RC to Client. The Client in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and other documents of the Company initiates transfer a certain amount of RC. The client, using the service of passing the claim rights, can be a creditor to the Company as well.

5.8.2. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Company confirms that the Client owns the RC, and provides the latter with the electronical documents needed to confirm the creditor rights to claim from the debtor and / or state such kind of rights in the LC.

5.8.3. Company by mutual agreement of the Parties, under the conditions established by this Agreement, shall have the right to buy RC from client, at a nominal cost.

5.8.4. Each RC transaction between Parties is accompanied by an acceptance of the Parties to the supplementary agreement in the form of a public offer, which may contain the following information:

  • • the name and address of the debtor;
  • • details of a title document, stating that there was initial indebtedness (or part of which) is indented;
  • • RC volume (RC nominal value);
  • • RC value of the selected currency.

5.8.5. Client is solely responsible for any illegal actions by the legislation of the country of his residence or jurisdiction, committed by him with requisites and / or software using any service of the Company.

5.8.6. Documents in electronic format, compiled using any electronic systems of the Company (including the supplementary agreement, messages about RC assignment; documents showing right of claim; accounts; extracts from props and other documents), are recognized by the Parties as legally equal to the written corresponding documents.


6.1. In case the Customer does not comply the terms of this Agreement, the Company is not responsible for paying funds to incorrect requisites and/or any incorrect identification data indicated by the Client, and is not be responsible for delays in payment of funds and/or other difficulties caused by the Customer.

6.2. . In case the Customer does not comply terms of this Agreement, as a result the data for access to personal office and the account became available to third parties, which resulted in financial losses for the client, the responsibility lies on the Client, unless the Client proves otherwise.

6.3. The Company is not responsible for third parties’ actions and the results of such actions in case of access to personal office and accounts, authorized by the Client himself or his/her authorized person, as well as in case of such access by the third party due to intentional or negligent disclosure of relevant passwords.

6.4. The violation of this Agreement conditions by the customer concerning the distortion of personal data for repeated or multiple registrations on the website, with the view to, without limiting financial of distortions of his/her activities, any abuse of the partnership programs of the Company, entails responsibility, expressed in full or partial block of the possibility to carry out any operations in all controversial personal offices with the review of all Client’s financial results, using training packages and bonus funds .

6.4.1. In this case, the blocking is carried out for a period necessary to perform its internal objective investigation.

6.4.2. During the time of investigation, the Customer may be limited in the right to use/manage his/her funds, and the Company may fully or partially suspend the provision of services to the Client.

6.4.3. According to the results of investigation, the Company notifies the Client about its decision, which may be accompanied by a change in the amount of funds on the customer's account, depending on the nature of violation and the associated incorrect profits.

6.5. In case of data communication to the third parties, whereby the client has become a victim of fraud and other illegal operations of third parties, no responsibility can be imposed on the Company.

6.6. If the Customer tries to intervene in any way in the operation software and the website, including to make whole or partial copies, change, remake, intervene in any other ways, including the purpose of studying; as well as attempts to assign/infringe on intellectual property rights, the Customer with be responsible for the amount of damages caused to the Company and the developers, that is determined and paid by the Customer, according to the sum of damage, that is set by the Company.

6.7. The Company is not responsible for violations in-the network, malfunction of the network, and also qualities of channels and telephone connections of the client.

6.8. Company does not bear the responsibility on the expected payments to the Client. A client understands and accepts that a training packages and bonus account is not a deposit account.

6.9. The company bears the responsibility to the Client only within the balance of funds in the bonus account of the Client.


7.1. In case of force majeure, the Company will promptly notify the Customer, and take appropriate measures to minimize the possible negative consequences.

7.1.1. For purpose of comply with the contract of this Agreement, the Company has the right to suspend or change the order of performing of the provisions of this Agreement fully or partially to eliminate the Force Majeure, and the normalization of the situation.

7.2. The parties, including third parties engaged by the Company to provide services under the Agreement, are not being liable for any loss or delay in the performance of their obligations, if these are due to force majeure.


8.1. A dispute between the parties is settled in a mandatory pre-trial order, by submission and consideration of complaints and their resolution in accordance with this Agreement, as well as by negotiation.

8.2. Each Party has the right to appeal to the other party with a complaint, if it considers evidence that there has been a violation of the terms of this Agreement and/or the rights of that Party.

8.2.1. The claim is sent by the Company to a specified email of the Client and is considered as received regardless of whether the email is still correct at that time.

8.2.2. The e-mail address of the Company, intended for submission and consideration of the Client's claims, is published on the website. Claims sent by the Clients to other e-mail addresses, are not required to consider.

8.2.3. Claims consideration should not exceed one (1) calendar month; during which, the parties undertake every effort to resolve the dispute and maintain legal relationships.

8.3. The customer has no right to disclose in any way the fact of submitting the claim, and its consideration results. Otherwise, this claim may not be considered; and the decision about full or partial satisfaction of the claim may be invalidated unilaterally by the Company.


9.1. Present Agreement comes into force on the date of Acceptance and is of unlimited duration, maintaining its paver until it dissolution according to the procedure established in this Agreement.

9.2. In case of A violation of any provision of this Agreement by the Customer, the Company has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally by notifying the Client.

9.2.1 At the same time with the Client`s notification, the Company pay Client’s funds and makes the payment of funds in full under the terms of this Agreement. The Company has the right to withhold the amount of damage caused by the Client, from the general volume of payments.

9.2.2. This Agreement is deemed terminated from the date of termination notice.

9.3. Client has the right to terminate the present treaty unilaterally.

9.3.1. The termination of this Agreement does not release the Client from material obligations that may arise due to violations by the Client, and have led to material damage for the Company and/or negative balance on the Personal account.

9.4. Any reorganization activities and other structural changes and changes in the internal policy of the Company, change of management and/or representatives and contractors do not entail the termination of this Agreement and the Agreement remains valid for the Client.

9.5. In case the Company decides to stop training and studying project, Company has the right to break all contracts by notifying the Client personally and/or publishing it on the website.

9.6. The Client has no right to assign his rights and obligations under this Agreement without a prior written consent of the Company.

9.6.1. The Customer heirs person and legal successor of the Customer-legal entity, do not automatically acquire the rights of the Client, but have to first consult with the Company and provide the Company with a complete list of requested documents confirming their status, after that the Company, at its sole discretion, decides on the possibility to maintain relations with the heir/legal successor and has the right to give extra instructions and additional provisions for the settlement of proper legal relations.